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February 13th, 2005

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04:55 pm - rockin the crew cut...
WOW! mr jackson rocks so much.
so i got this shirt that says "algebra is for lovers" (which by the way is totally freaking sweet) and then like i wore it to school the other day and mr jackson was like. "rochelle i want your shirt." well actually at first he was like "rochelle, i want your sheet" and i was really confused. like um i already turned in my homework mr jackson...or like, are you trying to say shit, but in a cool way or somthing...?...but then he corrected himself. it was awesome cause then he was like asking me where i got it like he wanted one and it was cool. but yeah i thought it was halarious. he rocks a lot. also one time me and azalea were eating brocoli and he smiled at us. it was the best moment ever. i wanted to save it in a box.


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